Power Standard: USH-04 – Apply methods of historical inquiry.

Assignment #1 Name: Spanish-American War Essay (Objective: Pose Question, Make and Support an Argument, & Report Findings)
Assignment #2 Name: Progressive Era Political Cartoon (Pose Question, Collect and Analyze Primary Sources, & Report Findings)
Assignment #3 Name: WWI Liberty Bond Poster (Pose Question, Collect and Analyze Primary Sources, & Report Findings)

Reflection Question Prompt: How do your artifacts show you have applied methods of inquiry, including posing questions, making and supporting an arguement, and reporting findings

Spanish-American War Essay
An important goal in United States History is to research into event that occurred in history. One of those events was the Spanish-American War. In order to begin my inquiry I had to first write a sentence that would help me inquiry about the war. My question was, “Did the explosion of the U.S.S. Maine cause the United States to invade Cuba in 1898?” After looking at primary and secondary sources on the internet, I made an argument that the war was cause by the explosion and then supported my argument with evidence, although I did forget to cite my sources. I choose this assignment because it allowed me to apply methods of inquiry through technology and then take the knowledge and write an essay.
Political Cartoon on the Meat Pacing Industry
Upton Sinclair was a famous cartoonist and political muckraker who exposed unhealthy conditions in the meat packing industry in Chicago, Illinois. My assignment was to inquiry into Upton Sinclair’s investigation into Chicago industry, pick one topic within his muckraking activities, and create a political cartoon that depicts Upton Sinclair’s investigation. I choose the meat packing industry because what I read was really gross and knew it would make for an interesting political cartoon. In order to complete the assignment, I also hade to analyze other primary source political cartoons and make sure my political cartoon supported the evidence that Upton Sinclair exposed.
WWI Liberty Bond Poster
My assignment was to inquiry into how Americans on the home front helped fight in the WWI without really being there. While inquiring into the topic, I found that the government needed money to fight in the war. One way they raised money was to sell government savings bonds, sometimes otherwise known as liberty bonds. I then reviewed posters that were created to persuade people to buy the liberty bonds. To convince people to help in the war efforts, I created my own poster for a liberty bond. It includes many of the things I learned in my historical inquiry; such as the posters were created to make people feel mad or upset, therefore want to contribute.

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